Our marathon, a day in the life of Lil’ Taiwan

Taiwan Hearts Process

We are extremely grateful for the tons of passionate support and encouragement we’ve recevied from our families & friends, every step of the way. Thank you, thank you! (in tears). So let’s take this opportunity to share a recorded process: a day in the life of lil’ Taiwan.

Everyday, after work, we started working on making lil’ Taiwan at our desk corner.  Lying there on the cutting board, you can see a lil’ Taiwan that was just finished, several tools, a hand-carved rubber stamp of ‘Taiwan Hearts’ hand-made by Joyce & Dots, and a small stamped card sitting to dry.

After we’ve sent out about 200 lil’ Taiwan, our desk had changed its look drastically… now packed with numerous lil’ Taiwan waiting for the birth of their new partners; waiting to be placed in their very own individual envelopes; waiting to be dropped inside the mailbox; waiting to arrive at homes of people who’d welcome them; like the patient folks standing in the bell plaza, silently waiting for the bell to ring, to end, so they may start taking their next steps again.

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FAQ / Rule of This Marathon Relay

Taiwan Hearts

© Pei Chien – Conan & Lil’ Taiwan

Q1: How do I play?

A: Once you’ve received a little Taiwan key chain, please photograph yourself with it and add your photo to the Deep in the Heart of Taiwan wall :)  Not sure how? Check out our tutorial. If for some reason you are not able to upload, you can also email the image to us, and we’ll upload it for ya~

Is there any special reason as to how the lil’ Taiwan keychain is designed?

A: For our 1st batch of lil’ Taiwan, we started out with Taiwan’s very own beautifully unique shape, then we throw in the color of yellow to represent hope & spirit; the hollowed out heart is left specifically for each of you participants to fill in with your love… for Taiwan, of course!   Please also check out this article for more information:  Where it all began, here comes lil’ taiwan!

Why ‘yellow’?

A: As pure as color is to many of us, it may not appear so to others. So before we decided on choosing a color, we actually decided on what colors NOT to use, at least for our first batch.  We do not want to use blue, green, orange or red, as we do not want to be misconstrued as a complicated political game.

Then we recall the yellow wrist band of the famous bicyclist Lance Armstrong with the message ‘LIVE STRONG’, and it becomes so clear to us that yellow would be the perfect color to represent our will of strength and our heart for loving Taiwan! Not to mention Coldplay’s got a pretty cool song with the same name :)

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About ‘Deep in the Heart of Taiwan’

在 Deep in the Heart of Taiwan 串聯活動所需的圖樣拍板定案之後,我們開始思考要用什麼樣的方式,才能『實體地』把『抽象的愛』傳送出去,我們希望是大家可以每天隨身攜帶的,質地輕便又體積小,能把對台灣的愛真切的融入日常生活當中,變成一種生活態度。


後來我們想到了,一個大家可以掛在鑰匙圈上面,到處都可以拿出來拍照的小台灣吊飾。從決定好之後,到開始實行,我們只花了短短三天。因為我們只要知道自己想要做什麼,事情就會進展迅速,特別是,當有滿滿的熱情在體內一股腦兒燃燒的時候。於是,我們其中一個,開始日以繼夜的製作Taiwan Hearts小台灣,一個則開始向親朋好友們說明這個活動,邀請他們一起參與,變成我們第一波的小台灣愛心大使。

Taiwan Hearts Process

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Where It All Began… Here Comes Lil’ Taiwan!

每件事情往往都是從一個極微小的念頭開始,Taiwan Hearts 也是如此。

『故鄉是每個人生命裡最初的養分。』一個簡單的念頭,二個非常想家的異鄉遊子,沒有什麼多餘的想法,就横衝直撞的在Facebook上,發起了一個叫做 Deep in the Heart of Taiwan 的熱血串聯活動。只因為,我們很想家,卻發現朋友居然不認識我們的家!

Often when we try to introduce our motherland to foreigners or strangers, their first reactions would be “Taiwan? Thailand?”  You must’ve experienced this acting as Taiwan’s individual ambassador through out the years during any “international” event;  yep, this just happened to me when I was chatting with a fellow African American on the NYC metro subway last month, “Oh no no no, it’s TAI-WAN, not THAI-LAND!”.  Often than not, foreign/American folks cannot tell the difference between Taiwan and Thailand; or they think Taiwan is located right next to Indonesia.  After countless frustrations of explaining Asian geography over and over again, we decided that we’ll take action and inform the world that “WE LOVE TAIWAN!” once and for all by starting this marathon relay :)

Taiwan & Thailand


於是,我們想起Milton Glaser為紐約市設計的 I ♥ NY logo,與舊金山市非常出名的Golden Gate Bridge紅色圖樣,兩者都非常的簡單,卻又十分有代表性,一看到就會讓人想起紐約和舊金山,過目不忘。


我們的串聯活動要用什麼樣的 logo 來說故事呢?

在努力查訪Google大神之後,沒有找到讓我們滿意的答案。『怎麼會沒有呢?』在失望之餘,設計師的職業病發作,我們的血液燃燒了起來,決定自己來設計一個圖像。我們發揮自己創作者的能量,試畫了很多不同的版本,改來改去,最後,我們設計出了一個Taiwan Hearts的圖像:


因為,我們很喜歡這個圖樣,想把這份熱情分享給大家,就是這份衝勁使然… 那天起,Facebook 上面多了一個叫做 Deep in the Heart of Taiwan 的頁面,這個熱血串聯活動也就這樣開始了…