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FAQ / Rule of This Marathon Relay

Taiwan Hearts

© Pei Chien – Conan & Lil’ Taiwan

Q1: How do I play?

A: Once you’ve received a little Taiwan key chain, please photograph yourself with it and add your photo to the Deep in the Heart of Taiwan wall :)  Not sure how? Check out our tutorial. If for some reason you are not able to upload, you can also email the image to us, and we’ll upload it for ya~

Is there any special reason as to how the lil’ Taiwan keychain is designed?

A: For our 1st batch of lil’ Taiwan, we started out with Taiwan’s very own beautifully unique shape, then we throw in the color of yellow to represent hope & spirit; the hollowed out heart is left specifically for each of you participants to fill in with your love… for Taiwan, of course!   Please also check out this article for more information:  Where it all began, here comes lil’ taiwan!

Why ‘yellow’?

A: As pure as color is to many of us, it may not appear so to others. So before we decided on choosing a color, we actually decided on what colors NOT to use, at least for our first batch.  We do not want to use blue, green, orange or red, as we do not want to be misconstrued as a complicated political game.

Then we recall the yellow wrist band of the famous bicyclist Lance Armstrong with the message ‘LIVE STRONG’, and it becomes so clear to us that yellow would be the perfect color to represent our will of strength and our heart for loving Taiwan! Not to mention Coldplay’s got a pretty cool song with the same name :)

What do I do after I’m done photographing myself?

A: Once you’ve gotten yourself photographed and posted on the DitHoT wall, turn around and grab your friends and families and get them involved!  Dad, mom, grandpa, grandma, great grandpa, great grandma, uncles, aunts, sisters, brothers, neighbors, roommates, co-workers, boss, fellow classmates… as long as they all love Taiwan as we do, get them into the fotos!

Of course, we’re not limited to just people people!  Let’s get your dog, cats, monkeys, iguana, pet goldfish, rooms, office involved… anything that you can think of is part of the game!

We go as far as the sky (because you’re homesick), moon & stars (because you miss the moon of Taiwan), food (because Taiwanese food is the BEST!), creative/design markets (becuz you visit often), various tourist spots (i.e. little Taiwan visiting Hua-Lien, little Taiwan visiting the SF Golden Gate Bridge)… it’s ALL GOOD!  Let your creativity take off with little Taiwan and travel the world (or within Taiwan) with it!

What now that I’m done with everyone and everything I know?

A: If your thinking, “hey, I’ve already taken pictures of little Taiwan with everyone I know, not to mention roast pork rice and stinky tofu, I even brought little Taiwan to Hua-Lien and Japan… WHAT NOW?”

Well, here’s a little suggestion: please pass the little Taiwan onto one of your friends or families whom you know would continue on with the game.  So she/he would be able to express her/his love with creativity and allow little Taiwan to move on through out the world via different hands and get into fotographs of more and more folks that we may not know but share the same love for Taiwan?  How about it?  Let’s GO!



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