Taiwan Hearts MOCA Exhibition: Day 1 Preparation

Just finished day1 of our exhibition preparation, and boy are we dog TIRED! Whoever says long walks in a windy night after long hours of painting exhibition walls are good for your body?! Anyhoo, a picture’s worth a thousand words, so we’ve got several thousand words worth of pics below to share with ya below, come take a look! : )

As the 2012 lunar new year 9-day holiday vacation comes to an end, we try our damnest to forget all the excellent food we’ve had over the break, so we can wrap up our sleeves and switch gear into full work mode: MOCA exhibit installation here we go!

Shortly after noon time, we finally arrived at the MOCA underground exhibit hall inside/next to the MRT Zhongshan station, with buckets of paint and painting tools that we’ve purchased prior to New Years (in case the stores were not open during the new year’s holiday). It wasn’t an easy task since our preparation trip involved taking several buses, multiple MRT transfers, taxi and plenty of walking around in the greater Taipei city. To make the preparation more complicated, we accidentally left our painting pallet on the taxi (like how I left my cookie gift for grandma on the train just a few days ago!)… good thing the good folks at MOCA had some back-up tools for us… phew~

First thing first, gotta set up all floor coverings and newspaper cuz we do not wanna get paint all over the MRT station, knowing how splashy we can get when we get our grubby hands on ‘em lovely paints! We were then ready to paint over the previous exhibit with first coat of white base paint… which turned out to be slightly more complicated than we had anticipated. Even tho MOCA had asked us (and other exhibitors) to use ONLY matte paint, but the previous exhibitor still used both matte AND glossy paint (thanks a lot!), which meant it would be much more difficult for us to cover over the glossy painted areas since matte paint does not cover over glossy surface well… and we’d need much more paint to cover it up as that shiny high gloss paint would keep showing through (from experience, we know!). Oh man, are we gonna have enough paint? We had planned our paint supply to cover the exhibit with 3 layers of base coat… but but but…

Thus it began our ‘cover-up’ work. Not very fun, I must say. Using white paint to cover black lines already require several layers, and using matte white paint to cover high gloss black line requires even more layers of paint.

Finally we painted on 2 full layers of white base coat. But the previous exhibit was still showing through EVERYWHERE, like wrinkles on my face from overworking… We started to worry… were we gonna run out of paint now? We had planned it perfectly (even going 3 layers when the paintshop master told us 2 layers would be sufficient to cover up all the surface) but now… just like all zitty teenage girl, our exhibit wall also has the heart of a zitty teenage girl… it let out a heavy sigh tinted with sorrow cuz we couldn’t cover all the imperfections… damn, must we go as thick the white make-up on the face of a kabuki geisha? All in the name of art!

Our eyes started going after staring at the white outer wall for so long, so we rock-paper-scissored to decide and take turns doing the blue inner wall. Ocean blue is so puuurty, it was if we were surrounded by a beautiful ocean while we were painting inside the cylinder. All those zitty teenage girl angst had evaporated without a trace.

As time went on, all the white paint and blue paint we had purchased were used up completely. It was time to go. Tomorrow we still have to pick up the big stack of exhibit photos from the photo workshop, plus more paint to wrap up the paint job. Sore is now our name. But hey, from a distance, although incomplete, the white cylinder looked pretty good eh~ : )

Where is the Exhibition:Taipei Zhongshan MRT Station / MOCA Plaza (Near R9 Exit)


Do Re Mi Fa So… Rainbow Lil’ Taiwan Handmade All Natural Soap!


每個人的心裡都有很多對生活的美好想像,與一份對特定事物的熱情,我們也是。 我們有一份好想要設計獨特簡約台灣意象產品的熱情,想讓台灣意象可能更真切的貼近每個人的生活,而手工皂剛好是表達這種熱情很好的方法,因為每一顆經過細心製作的彩虹小台灣精油手工皂,不僅能把台灣意象帶進了日常生活中,還藏了許多手感創作的溫暖心意在裡頭,是無論送禮、自用都非常適合的台灣意象產品哦!

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Taiwan Hearts, the Brand and the Promise.

Taiwan Hearts,成立於2011年3月,是在小台灣活動正式開始的一週年後。

二年前,我們開始了一個名為Deep in the Heart of Taiwan的小台灣活動。因為在矽谷工作時,發現即使大都市如紐約、舊金山,身邊還是有許多同事朋友不知道台灣、分不出泰國與台灣的差別 (畢竟前半段的讀音很像),所以我們下定決心、默默地開始推動了一個小台灣活動。透過這個活動,我們創造了一個簡潔的小台灣圖像,簡單的意象有著背後豐沛的故事性,讓原本抽象又枝節蔓生的情感,得以被簡化淬鍊回歸到那份原始的價值,讓「愛台灣」這份心情更容易被分享與傳遞。

這個活動很幸運的獲得了很多的鼓勵與支持,也讓我們開始更深入的思考這個小台灣符號的其他可能性與延續性:是不是還有什麼方法,能讓這個小台灣符號更深入人們的日常生活,與大家經常在一起呢?在我們各自忙碌的工作之餘,是不是還有什麼方向,能發揮我們的專長,也能讓大家能感受到更多元的台灣意象呢? 這樣想著想著,一條蜿蜒的森林小徑就隱隱約約的浮現在我們面前。

我們希望能設計出簡約內斂的台灣意象產品,貼近每個人的生活,或說是跟每個人「一起生活」,因為我們相信每個好的設計 idea 往往是從生活中孕育而生,最終更應該回歸到生活,讓台灣意象成為我們生活的一部分,而不是只有口號而已。所以我們想設計的台灣意象產品,是那種… 真的可以放在居家、辦公室的,看了心情會愉快的,大家日常生活中真的會使用的、會出現的東西,上面也許不會有超大的「我愛台灣」「我是台灣人」字樣來佔據了全部的視覺,但是每個看到它們的朋友,細細品味後、都會知道我們想表達的那份台灣記憶而會心一笑。
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