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Taiwan Hearts MOCA Exhibition: Day 2 & 3 Preparation

Exhibit installation day 2 & 3, patching & painting continued~ Let’s take a little break from painting & repainting, patching holes, arranging & numbering photos, and take a look behind the scenes of our installation progress (and big thanks to those whom had helped us along the way) : )

Our Taiwan Hearts texts sat quietly at the corner, waiting to be mounted on the outer wall.

Thank you Big Brother Ho for expressing over our big foam map hearts & title texts:

These passer-by kids stayed with us and watched us paint for a loooooog time. They were exceptionally good and stayed out of the roped area without any further instructions, all the while kept telling their mom that they wanted to paint walls when they grow up. Soooooo cute!

While we waited for the painted walls to dry (phew!), we had to number every single picture and match it to its respective position on the world map so we can put everyone’s photos at the correct spots.

Thank you auntie 8, uncle 8 and Crystal for helping us arrange and label the photos!

While photo arrangements for the inner wall went on full-strength, we started prepping the big map hearts for the outer wall. We picked most of the major cities (whose maps we can get a hold of) that Lil’ Taiwan has traveled to, so they can match with the traveling photos soon to be on the inner wall : )

Gotta thank Elysium for the double-sided tapes express delivery~ Without Elysium, our big map hearts and photos would have nothing to stick to ah ah ahh!

Of course, our ultra special thanks goes to… dum dum dum dum dum… MOCA’s very own Ian!!! From concept to installation , he has had given us more help than anything and anyone. Can we say THANK YOU IAN again? Yes we can! Thank you Yi-Hsiang Lizard Ian!

Day3 installation had now come to an end… now we were about to face the heavy duty challenge of the… inner wall installation!


Where is the Exhibition:Taipei Zhongshan MRT Station / MOCA Plaza (Near R9 Exit)



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