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Taiwan Hearts MOCA Exhibition: Day 4 & 5 Preparation

Last two days of our exhibit installation, we continued plowing the land and tilling the soil, hoping to smoothly finish all the preparations before the exhibition deadline, so we can present and share the fruit of our shared Lil’ Taiwan activities for the past year plus in the best light possible. : )

First of all, let’s glue those blue alphabets onto the beautifully painted white outer wall.

Then it was the final challenge of arranging and pasting the actual photographs onto the inner wall as a proportional world map as we had originally designed;
good thing we had already calculated the sizes and numbers before hand, thus our work became much easier as long as we had good eyes and hands to position the correct distances between all the photographs:

Thank you Robin for the peanut & red bean cookies and life-saving glue sticks : )

Also Taffi & Crystal who waited on us with the numbered and taped Lil’ Taiwan photos:

When we got tried, we’d sit on the side benches and check out passer-by’s reactions : P

Beautiful overhead lighting’s of course a must to shed some beautiful light onto those beautiful photographs.

Finally, all of our hard work was about to be paid off, now we can step back and take a look at the result of what we’ve accomplished in the past few days.

The shape of the island Taiwan could now be seen through the doorway of the MOCA STUDIO micro exhibit C+. Some people may ask, “Aint that a world map? Where is North America? Where is Africa?” Well, take a closer look, and you will see them both on either side of the exhibit inner wall, because we’ve set a larger than life (proportionally speaking) Taiwan as the center of the world map, waiting for all our friends to GO SEE IT IN PERSON!!! So GO guys! Especially those of you that have submitted Lil’ Taiwan photos for the exhibition cuz you will have a chance to see yourself face to face!

We’d like to thank all of our friends and families whom have supported Lil’ Taiwan all the way through. We’re very fortunate to be able to gather so many Taiwan-loving hearts to share our love and admiration for this land. We will try our very best to come up with better Taiwan Hearts projects to share with everyone; meanwhile, please continue to photograph and submit new Lil’ Taiwan adventures so we can spread and extend this Taiwan loving spirit : )

Where is the Exhibition:Taipei Zhongshan MRT Station / MOCA Plaza (Near R9 Exit)



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