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Special Gifts for You – Come See Our Exhibition!

We have put in a lot of thoughts & spent quite a bit of energy on planning, preparation discussion and installation for this Taiwan Hearts Lil’ Taiwan Documentary, regardless of time or anything else, we wanted to make sure we do our best no matter what.

In addition, we were able to maintain our original intention, and filled the exhibit with the loving support of all of our Lil’ Taiwan fans: friends who have traveled abroad for study/work that have documented their surroundings; second and third generation oversea Taiwanese who have come to know more about the homeland in which their parents and great parents lived; backpacking avid travlers who have brought Lil’ Taiwan and crossed over various mountains and streams and record their process; not to mention busy folks like us who always remembered to capture the moments with Lil’ Taiwan during parties and gatherings, so on and so forth.

Precisely because of this kind of passion and warmth, we feel the urgent need to invite everyone to come and see our Taiwan Hearts Lil’ Taiwan Exhibition
at MOCA’s Micro-Exhibit near Taipei MRT Zhongshan Station Exit R9 before it ends on 2/29. Therefore, we have decided to make a call for visiting exhibition blogs and send our new work – Rainbow Lil’ Taiwan Essential Oil Handmade Soap – as a small gift to those whom have participated and selected for post.

Please jet down your thoughts and images on your blog/FB page after viewing the show, and send the link to Taiwan Hearts. Once your blog/article has been selected and re-published on the Taiwan Hearts blog, you will then receive one of our fresh off the oven Rainbow Lil’ Taiwan Essential Oil Handmade Soaps
as a small token to say thanx! (You get to pick your favorite color too!)

【 Taiwan Hearts 】Lil’ Taiwan Documentary Exhibition calling for exhibition blogging/FB article entry:

Participation Time: February 1, 2012 ~ February 29, 2012 (which coincides with the exhibition time!)
Submission Deadline: March 15, 2012
Winner Announcement: March 31, 2012
Selected Prizes: Rainbow Lil’ Taiwan Essential Oil Handmade Soap x1

For the participants, please send your blog/article and basic info to our mailbox: wehearttaiwan@gmail.com, including:

Your Name:
Mobile Number:
Contact Email:
Blog/Article Link:

So come join us and enojoy the show! It’d be a great chance to participate and be ultra clean! Be GOOD to your skin! : )
Don’t be shy, it’d be very embrassing if we had to keep all 8 ultra cute Rainbow Lil’ Taiwan Essential Oil Handmade Soaps to ourselves! : P

Where is the Exhibition:Taipei Zhongshan MRT Station / MOCA Plaza (Near R9 Exit)



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